St Clements Hospital - Unexposed Photography

Complete novelty to me when I saw it on passing one day, this place has been known to explorers for some time and looking at their images shows just how much this place has degraded in a relatively short span. Continuing my bad habit of charging into places without even as much as googling them, I climbed up the side wall one day and performed a perfect ninja-esque roll onto the ground on the other side, looking up towards the main gate which was OPEN an elderly lady looked somewhat shocked at my entrance.. so I darted back over the wall where my friend was waiting and soon found out they were having an art fair there.

Dropped back there in March after reading about construction starting there, gates were closed this time round and I confirmed no art fair was currently taking place. The hospital site takes up an entire block and is walled on all 4 sides, I headed for the building at the rear first of all, the first set of rooms completely bare except for some scattered documents,  behind them was a room covered in art and scrawlings, see below. The room was filled with smashed toilet bowls, clearly the product of a mind driven mad by the sinister writing surrounding him on all corners. I hope Toilet Smasher is doing OK.

(right) Hospital site seen from rear looking towards main building.

A little further down this level was an admin room of sorts, best find in here were the stacks and stacks of x-rays left behind including these brain scans. Also noticed the emergency code word staff were to use if they were in any danger.

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