Millennium Mills - Unexposed Photography

Millennium Mills and several other smaller structures are all that remains of London's Royal Docks, saved from demolition by Newham council, it's sat derelict for decades now. After becoming bored senseless at ComicCon which was happening over the water in the ExCel Centre, I decided I'd try to get to the top of it for a laugh. Surprising amount left in here which made fore one of my more interesting explores.

Above and to the left are some grabs of the exterior, not sure what the voice amplifier mural is about really but the building and surrounding site have been used as a set for numerous films and media events, would be really interested if anyone knows the story behind this.

No, I have no idea what these do, or half of the things I found in here unfortunately. These holes went very far down, about 3 floors to a chamber below.

This is the camber at the bottom of the chutes shown above, some of them had nozzles. Imagine this would have fed grain, flour, whatever into carts for transporting elsewhere.

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