Baasrode Noord's Antiquated Trains - Unexposed Photography

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Dropped by to this location during the Trollface Tour 2014, we didn't have many details about the location bar the coordinates and that there were abandoned trains here.. and that's exactly what there was, but I didn't assume we'd see any with such well preserved details. That being said, I am unsure about the history of any of the carriages we checked out but they're certainly from well before my time. :-)

First we checked out Baasrode Noorde Station and the vehicles laying on the adjacent tracks, the station closed in 1980 and only the platform and twin tracks remain.

One track remained clear for traffic, the one adjacent contained two engines and several carriages, we didn't manage to get into any of the carriages on this part but 1 and 1/2 of the engines were accessible, printed instructions were left on the dashboard but it doesn't look like it's seen action in some time.

Heading down to the partially open South Station, we managed to find an open door to one of the carriages, with the outside in a sorry state I didn't expect much of the interior.

The two carriages accessible were pretty much identical except for the different colour scheme, the chairs and space available in both of them are luxury compared to anything you'd see on the railways today. Great condition overall although some of the chair seats had been over turned and repair work was left unfinished, possibly a side project for the Steam Train group based nearby.

At least one seat had this insignia (bottom left) above the chair, would be really curious to know if anyone knows what this signifies. For some reason there were loads of Duvel signs in one carriage, but no abandoned Duvel. :c

We'd spent much longer than originally anticipated in that train and had to head off to another location, spotted this seemingly ancient steam engine just as I was heading towards the car so had to run up to it and take a few pictures quickly. Plenty of carriages behind but they all seemed to be freight based.

Potentially a lot more to see here, there were certainly many more trains than the 3 we had a look at. Part of this area is occupied as some sort of Steam Train museum/organisation and the warehouse building is in use so it's best to be respectful of this if visiting. The platform side track is still active.

Thanks for looking.

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